Frequently Asked Questions

Can you enclose an existing porch/patio space or does the room have to be a complete addition?

Yes, we can enclose an existing porch/patio space without it being a complete addition.

How long does an in-home consultation take?

Homeowners do not have to be home for us to come take measurements and pictures to work up a quote. If homeowners are home, the consultation can take anywhere from ten minutes to an hour. It depends on the homeowner's needs. For example, if you know you want a screen enclosure, it takes just a few minutes to show pictures and color options. If the homeowner wants to know all options, from awning installation to three-season room costs, it can take an hour or so to discuss each system.

Do you provide free estimates?

Yes, we provide free estimates for all of our exterior services. Call us at (864) 293-2347 and schedule your free estimate now!

Why should I work with you over the competition?

Here at Southern Comfort Exteriors, LLC, we provide knowledgeable information in a friendly way. Don't push higher price job (ex. three-season room over screen room), instead want customers to go with what will suit them best. Our team provides quality work that we warranty for one year. Whether you are having a three-season room installed to new railings or stairways added to existing decking, we use quality materials that are easily maintained.

What is the difference between a sunroom and a 3-season room?

A sunroom has glass windows and an Eze-breeze enclosure has vinyl windows. Call our exterior remodeling experts today to learn more about the custom options we can provide to extend the use of your outside space today!

How do you keep a 3-season room warm in the winter?

Some people install mini-split HVAC units in their sunroom, as well as Eze-breeze rooms. From speaking with homeowners, the most popular way to heat Eze-breeze rooms right now is by using space heaters.

Can I use my sunroom all year round

Yes, you can use your sunroom all year long.

Do I need to obtain a building permit for my sunroom?

Depending on the town and the extent of work needed, yes, a permit may be required.

Can I get shades or blinds with my sunroom?

You may purchase shades or blinds to go into your sunroom, but we do not carry those products.

What is the insulating factor in your roofs?

Some customers choose to go with 3 or 4in. panels that are fully insulated. Gabled, wood roofs with ceilings may be insulated.