Eze Porch Living Breeze

What Sets Eze Breeze Apart?

Eze Breeze enclosures feature vinyl windows backed by screens, which means you can open your patio for a balmy breeze or close them when the weather gets a bit too chilly. With Eze Breeze, you can enjoy your outdoor space without having to worry about severe weather or pesky bugs. It’s an outdoor escape — without leaving your home.

Vertical 4-Track vs. Horizontal Side Slider We can install two types of Eze Breeze enclosures: the Vertical 4-Track and the Horizontal Side Slider. The Vertical 4-Track is a versatile, strong, breezy, and easy-to-clean configuration that features four panels that move up and down.
  • Allows the breeze in with up to 75% ventilation.
  • Protects furniture by eliminating 99% of harmful UV rays.
  • Provides easy operation with panels that can be raised and lowered.
  • Makes cleaning simple with removable vents.
  • Customizable for any opening.
  • Features 2-, 3-, or 4-vent options.
  • Aluminum-extruded main frame.
  • Spreader bar for added durability and structural integrity.
A variety of colors are available for both the frame and the vinyl windows. The Horizontal Side Slider is a remarkably simple yet configurable horizontal solution that will transform your porch or garage.
  • Allows the breeze in with 50-100% ventilation.
  • Provides finger-smooth operation with panels that slide left or right.
  • Customizable for any opening, with 2-10 vent options.
A variety of colors are available for both the frame and the vinyl.
Why Should I Consider an Eze Breeze Enclosure? There are a lot of great reasons to choose Eze Breeze for your porch or garage. It allows light into your space and offers a gorgeous view of the outdoors while protecting your space from the elements. Not only that, some of the benefits of Eze Breeze enclosures include:
  • Returns to its original shape in minutes if impacted.
  • Custom-made for an enclosure that perfectly fits your space.
  • Lifetime warranty on frames and a 10-year warranty on vinyl, screen, and moving parts.
Eze Breeze is a great way to enclose your patio or garage while still enjoying the outdoors with stylish yet durable materials. At Southern Comfort Exteriors, we’re licensed contractors for Eze Breeze enclosures, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the best work possible. The work is done in two steps:
  • First, the frame is installed.
  • Second, the windows are ordered, which can take several weeks as they are custom-made. Once the windows arrive, we will come back to your home and install them.
If you have any questions about Eze Breeze enclosures or would like a quote, contact us today! Be sure to check out our gallery for examples of Eze Breeze rooms we’ve completed.